Rapid Removal Hub 2.0

Say hello to quicker removal with the new Sistaco Rapid Removal Hub 2.0!

Designed to use the power of steam to safely remove your nail shade without soaking.

Simply place Acetone in your Rapid Removal Hub and watch the steam do the work, quickly and easily.

*100% acetone not included
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  • Own it now, pay later

  • No interest, ever

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OUR SYSTEM IS UNIQUE: The Sistaco Mineral Bond system is the only mineral based nail powder range offered that you simply brush on. With hundreds of colours available, this is not a dipping powder (which is made up of finely ground plastic particles) and you can mix your powders to make your own shades.

PROFESSIONAL FINISH: Get a professional look quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. You won’t believe how easy this is!

LONG-LASTING: Our system lasts up to 2 weeks and even if you damage, you can simply top up without removing completely. That’s the benefit of a mineral powder system.

MONEY SAVING: Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year and with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.

VEGAN: Our founders are Vegan, hence Sistaco does not advocate the use of any animal by-product in our formulations.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Samantha niblett
Removal hub

Lovely little machine makes taking off powders that little easier for me came with the correct Australian attachments for the power point too very happy thank you sistaco

Corinne Wagner
Gorgeous Nails You can do yourself

This system is truly amazing. Its so easy to use. I now have salon quality nails that I can do my self in a fraction of the time. My only regret is not ordering sooner.

Karen Markham
Best buy

After years of working in environment where nail polish not allowed, I have only bothered with regular polish occasionally. I knew I was been made redundant, so seemed a good time to give this system a go. Wow, so glad I did. This is my first attempt and so pleased with results. I took my time, only doing one finger at a time, but quickly moved on. Still looks as fresh as the day I applied one week later,withstood cleaning and laying new kitchen floor. Looking forward to been a bit more adventurous on next application.

Becky Meredith-Shaw
Easy for beginners and great selection

I took a long time to commit to my own kit and what brand to go for. In the end I chose Sistaco because of their ethics and the ingredients being more natural- I’m glad I did! The Luxe set is perfect for a first purchase as you get a feel for a good range of colours and the different application techniques. I have never done my own ‘gel’/powder nails but even I found it fairly easy and the Facebook group helps for advice and tips.

They last around a week on me before I get chipping at the tips-most people say 2-3 weeks- but that is likely more down to my weak nails, physical job and still working on my technique. A week is good for a zoo keepers manicure 😂.

My only constructive criticism for the entire kit is it would be good if each colour ampoule had a label or symbol to tell you the application technique (classic, metallic or holographic) as well as the colour name- or a little list in the box kit would suffice! It’s a pain to go on the website to search each colour before application, so I wrote my own list to keep in the box.

It’s also tricky to have the colour ampoules open for use and to set them down during a manicure, as they are stacked and have a stick in the base of each one (not sure of the purpose of the stick, I could be missing something). A flat base would make life easier and less messy- but very handy the way they store connected.

Honestly can’t fault it other than that and plenty of powder in each pot. Better than the other beginners kids- as you can try lots of colours and start off with a good selection! Box is also gorgeous and customer service very good!

Rebecca Morris
Luxe Debut Set

An absolutely fantastic starter kit!!
It took longer to arrive than I'd anticipated due to flight restrictions but it was totally worth the wait! You get everything you need and the fact you get 12 (smaller) colours is great because you get to try more than you probably would if you bought full size pots!
I'd highly recommend the Luxe Debut Set to anyone trying Sistaco for the first time!!

Love, Love, Love

I’ve been a nail biter for YEARS! I’ve used fake nails to “grow” my nails out, only to create more damage and make my nails even more fragile. After weeks of admiring Sistaco videos, I decided to give it a shot. The process is so easy and the product adds strength to my nails. In just three weeks of use, my nails are stronger and I’m actually seeing growth! As you can see in the picture, I don’t have perfectly manicured nails, but they’re real and I’m so proud of them! The only thing I’m having trouble with is the size of the ampoules. The applicators don’t fit well in them and tend to tamp down the product. Transferring the product out works, but I’ll be ordering the full size containers soon. Love having so many options in this kit!

Great starter kit

I ordered this kit because it had everything needed to apply and remove a Sistaco manicure, plus it came with 12 colors to try (I love that idea and wish they would make other mini combos (or let you choose your own) that you could buy separately). I'd never tried this type of product at home before, but when I saw this kit, combined with a good sale, I decided to take the plunge and I'm very happy that I did. I was so pleased with my first mani, I came back less than a week later and ordered the Ultimate kit. If you're on the fence, get this kit. It gives you a nice array of classic, metallic and holographic powders to try, plus all the accessories needed to give yourself a salon-finish manicure at home. With 12 colors, there's something to please everyone, and it gives you an opportunity to try out colors you might not otherwise buy. And even if you don't like a color, you can use it to practice or mix it with other colors to create something new.

Tracy Krohn
Excellent Starter Set

What a great way to get a number of different colors and all the supplies needed. My first manicure was with the gingerbread then I did one with Ophelia.

Roslyn Thornton
Nail polish remover

Very good. Better than the remover in the bottle. Mine went all gluggy. Much easier to use. Thank you

Joan Fairclough

Very easy to use, fantastic product

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