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Can't love this system enough!

My 3rd order and I love it more with every delivery I get. So easy to use, looks professional, huge range of colours. I don't have any negatives at all!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Veaya Stembridge
More fun than I expected

I have been having so much fun with this set. I'm an electrician, and it's really hard for me to keep my nails at all, so these have really impressed me. For all but my 'heavy use' fingers, this stays very well (I literally use my nails to pry things, don't judge) For my heavy use fingers it comes off easy enough that I can just replace them quickly.

Mostly I love the colors, the lack of smell, the ease of putting them off and the (for the most part) ease of taking them off.

There is a good chance you'll have to put on the remover more than once, but it beats sitting with your fingers in acetone forever or having your nails drilled off.

Also, there is a bit of a learning curve but there is a really nice community with lots of tips.

Totally In Love

My first set of Sistico stainables lasted over 5 weeks. I did have to restick a few back on in that time, but the felt strong and secure. The best part was after I got bored with the colour, I just chose a new colour and did them again. In 5 weeks I put added 3 different colours to them. I'm on my second set now, they have been on nearly 3 weeks, I just put new colour on them last night.

Great at home kit

Great little at home kit. I discovered that too many layers peel off quicker, & makes its super hard & a long process to remove, it's best to just stick to less layers and that works much better for me. Good colour range, I love sparkles, so all the colours are fantastic for me. If you want that classic flat look, I'm not sure this kit is for you.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Georgina Bataillard
Pretty 😊

We absolutely love them !we had a mum and daughters nail glam night with sistaco .They’re so easy to use comes in a very pretty box and pretty little containers.Everyone has been asking us where did we get this from every time we upload a video of our sistaco nails 💅

The Pedestal
Paula Ridley
Nail heaven

Absolutely love this product. Changing color is so easy and there are plenty to choose from. Customer service is fabulous and delivery is fairly quick in the UK at least. My nails are stronger and longer than they have been in many years and this is due to Sistaco being mineral based which is kinder to your nails. The only problem I have is deciding which color to use, but my Friday evenings are fun now as it’s nail night 😊

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Febe S English
Beautiful nails, all the time.

I was tired of nail salons ruining my nails, AND I live remotely. The sistaco system is easy to use and leaves my nails healthy. Recently did some home renovations & my nails survived the paint and caulk! You will not be disappointed with this nail system. 🖤

Nail Notebook
Debbie Smith
Nail Notebooks

I love these books. Now on my 3rd one.
They are ideal for showcasing colours and mixes. Come complete with nails. Well worth the money

Beware of the addiction!

Best colours, easiest and long lasting application and removal. Sistaco is the best thing since sliced bread. Love the products and the support via Sistaco Collective on Facebook. Pic is Rosy with donut glaze on ring finger.

Love Sistaco

This is the best product ever, no more expensive salons and that awful drilling, this product is wonderful and my nails have never looked better, so east to apply and the colours are gorgeous, so if you are sitting on the fence deciding, jump off and buy the ultimate set to start with, you won’t regret it, careful tho… It’s very addictive!!


Loving this system! Allergies to other products have always been a problem
For me, so far I've had no reaction whatsoever.... I'm sold. The colors are amazing and so easy to achieve beautiful nails. I'm a fan!!

The Deluxe Set
Elizabeth Cooper
Best nails

I am really enjoying my Sistaco journey!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Jeannette Arthur

Love this product. Colours are amazing. So is the ability to mix your own colour!
With a few basic colours you can mix whatever you like and experiment.
The base coat is always a bit tacky even if you have put it under the light.
The remover is thick and gluey like gum which is weird and is really thick which is awful but I kind of wait for the nails to grow out a little and chip before going there.... Take forever for them to chip which is a bonus. Easily lasts a week chip free. Can't quite make it to two weeks but am experimenting with colours. Some last longer than others.
Highly recommend the product.
Would be great if they included a nail file in the kit when you buy it. That's about my only criticism.

Raven - Metallic
Debra Ball

I love the colour range from sistaco I just have to get the neon thank you love your products

Gorgeous nails done easy!

Initially I was a little sceptical about this nail system, as I have tried several different types. OMGs I was pleasantly surprised! It is so super easy to do, instructions are perfectly clear, and I absolutely love the colours I chose! The only real issue I have is that now I want ALL the colours!

Platinum - Holographic
Michelle Burnett
Dazzling Platinum

Such a beautiful forgiving colour and so very easy to apply for us newbies

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Karen Lorensen

This product is amazing-beautiful nails all the time and oh so enviro-friendly

Fast, efficient and trustworthy delivery
Easy ordering system

I prefer the classic but definitely metallic if your in the mood for the groove


I used this over platinum for a little change and I love it! Picture is after a week of wear and after my first time using! I am obsessed!

The Deluxe Set
Jennifer Brown
Deluxe set

I am new to this product and used it as well as my daughter who is more accustomed to doing her nails and we both were blown away about how easy this was , and how gentle it is on your own Nails. Our own nails have grown and are looking very manicured. my daughter experimented with mixing the colours which was amazing and I have also just use the basecoat and the topcoat to do a clear protective coat on my own Nails which has proven fantastic I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. That deluxe set is a perfect starter with everything you need.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Stunning colours

I first found Sistaco at the beginning of January 2024. The product fascinated me because it was a powder, not like normal nail polish. After taking a long time to decide which colours to select, I placed my first order. Before my first order could even be dispatched I had placed my second order. Every time I place an order I purchase the 6pack, simply because it’s discounted, I’m always looking for the best price being on a pension. The kit when it arrived gave instructions on how to apply the powders. It’s so simple and the LED light that you use to cure between coats drys your colour in 2 mins ! It’s so fast and simple, and having beautiful coloured nails, every time I go somewhere people comment on the colour of my nails. The colours are so unique and to be honest they look great on the website, but in real life they are even more stunning. They have from subtle to bold, sparkly, glittery, just so many choices, my collection of colours is now nearing 60, my aim is to get all the colours. The plus is because they are powders, you can get little mixing pots and mix your very own colour, to make it even more unique. The FB group “Sistaco Collective” has people from over the world, everyone giving tips and tricks, there is no nastiness here, only positive, uplifting comments and so, so very helpful. When you’re not certain of something post a question and lots of Sistas will give you so much help. As with everything somethings work better for one person to another, but with so many tips you will never be stuck for help. Plus Sistaco are always willing to help when you have a problem. One little pot of colour will do between 20-30 mani’s. Add up the cost of going to a salon for that many manis, and you could buy so many colours and be so far ahead on cost you will wonder why you didn’t try this earlier. The powder also helps strengthen your nails, even nail biters who have tried this system have stopped biting their nails and proudly grown their nails ! The removal of the colour is easy, you can purchase the express remover, which crackles up the colour which you then scrape off, or you can purchase the removal hub and the vapour from the acetone will lift the colour so you can scrape it off. The average mani will last 2 weeks, one the reason I have changed is because the nail growth from the cuticle, but honestly I just prefer to change my colour every week just to try another amazing colour ! If your nail chips for some reason, no need to do your nails again you can just fix the chip, colour, top coat and seal, this product is self leveling and is truly amazing at the versatility and simplicity of it. I am forever grateful I found Sistaco, I’m loving having beautiful looking nails instead of split, messy looking nails, it’s a real confidence booster. I will warn you though, it’s addictive, seems like all the Sistas get addicted to buying as many colours as often as they can. Last week they had a 20% off spot sale for Valentine’s Day, yes I purchased another 6 pack, but because of the discount I added an extra, then postage was free, the discount made such a difference. You can’t go wrong, I can’t recommend this product highly enough it’s fantastic!! Plus it’s FUN ! Join the FB group and check it out, if your unsure to start, the Sistas will even help recommend colours to help you out to give a diverse range. ❤️

Love it 😍

Absolutely amazing product! So easy to apply and lasts two weeks ❤️

Mineral Bond Nail Set
tracey Shepherd
Easier than I thought.

Arrived in good time and the is easy to use.

Love my Sustaco

Just looove my Sistaco products
The only thing wrong is trying not to charge the Mani too often

Beautiful colours that never disappoint

I am absolutely obsessed with my powders and how easy they are to apply! I can never get nail polish to look nice on my nails and even when done at a salon they would chip and peel with in days! But not with Sistaco! The colours are so beautiful and always mesmerize me how different they are depending on how they’re applied lasting me well over a week. Highly recommended!!

Stone - Classic
Pauline D

Now one of my favourite !

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