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Really interesting

I love doing my nails, of course I am not pro level. I hate the time gel polish takes and the possible reaction I get each time I try. I looked for a better system. This caught my eye and I wanted to try it but the expense deterred me. Finally I broke down, after placing my order I waited. Then I waited almost two years (okay it was about two weeks), when it arrived with a cartoon on it I laughed. I tried it out and it was a tad faster than gels however it lasted just about as long. I love to see my nails pretty but I also start chipping away when I see cracks. In my opinion it still expensive but you might enjoy the time you spend messing with your nails.

Midnight - Classic
Melissa Herraman

This is one of my favourite colours and I’m in love with it.

Exceeded expectations

I was pretty skeptical at first but this is amazing. It brushed on super smooth, felt surreal. It's so much shinier than in pictures! And the express remover cleanly gets rid of it within a minute.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Katrina Ooykaas

I love ❤️ this it’s so easy to use and looks amazing. I have had a lot of compliments


I bought this as a gift for myself, my daughter and my mum. I cant afford to pay for ongoing visits to a nail salon. This is the answer. Easy enough to use. The pic is my 2nd application. Lasts!

I'm addicted!

I have very oily nails, nothing stays on them. Sistaco nail powers have lasted a week so far and still look beautiful! It was also so easy to apply! I can't wait to get more colors!!!

Best Nail System Ever

Its long lasting, so many beautiful colours and ways of application and you can mix your own colours as well. I love Sistaco, if your on the fence about getting it, jump off and buy it you won't regret it whatsoever. And then when you do join the group of Facebook where you will find so many tips and endless ideas.


Love this nail system. So easy to do.

Love this product sooooo much

I have now used this product 5 times since I started buying it in late September. I can’t believe how easy it is to apply and remove. I was especially impressed with how well my nails looked after removing the powder with the express remover and the scraper. It only were my nails strong they also looked in great shape. Something that I never achieved going to a nail salon or applying store bought nails polishes. I now have 17 colours and will be adding to my stash. The express remover also removed the residue stain from one of the colours where the pigment was quite dark and had embedded into my nails, this was something that I could never remove after using a strong colour using normal methods.

This product is so simple and easy to use and can be done in a very little amount of time and I love the fact that you can mix the colours you already have to make bold new colours.

It’s a good alternative

It’s harder to apply then I thought particularly with mixed power. The first try was terrible but once you get the hang of it. It’s pretty good. The trick is to evenly apply the base coat without spilling over. The rest will be easier if you get this right. The top coat can’t be too thick and make sure it doesn’t spill over to the skin as well.


I cannot believe how fast and easy it was to do my nails. For my first try I think I did a decent job and it lasted for one week. Ordered more colors. Should be easy to remove since I peeled most of them off. I do like a little better than gel. This is not as hard as dip. Happy with my purchase and can't wait to do my nails again.

Easy and Gorgeous!

I love my gel manicures. I decided to try this system on a whim - if nothing else I thought it would be a good easy way to do my 5-year-old’s nails at home. Surprise! It’s awesome. So far I’ve used it once (in a hurry, in poor light, on my bed) and the results were above & beyond what I expected. The kiddo also loved it!

Razzleberry - Classic
Michelle Elford
Razzle Dazzle Em

On these dark dull days this colour is a real tonic, goes on well with even one coat only, I would recommend you try this shade.

Loving it💞

Loving flamingo colour and so quick and easy to use 😍

Love it

I tried it for the first time and started with gingerbread for the holidays. It was easy enough for me and I was never very good at doing my nails. I followed the application method from poison pixie on YouTube and I was very happy with the results! Some parts seemed a little lumpy but I wasn't being very even with the applicator and not bad for the first time. Definitely way cheaper than a salon

Add some glam to your life!!!

Ladies!!! I am a boat captain and I am hard on my hands and nails. With Sistaco, it is now so easy to take care of my nails. I am also a tomboy, always w/ hair in a ponytail and a hat on. Having my nails done makes me feel a little bit girly and glamorous even though I am always salty and dirty. The kit is easy to use, the colors are amazing, the mani will last for days and your nails will grow!!! I can promise you will love your nails like never before. If you are on the fence, just buy the kit. Go ahead and buy the one w/ 6 colors because as soon as you try it you will want more!!

Salon look from home

I love my new nails they look great and they feel great. No clumps and bumps and mess that happens when I use regular nail polish. I was skeptical, but I’m glad I took a chance on Sistaco.

By far the best nail product I have ever ordered! So easy to use and apply and extremely gorgeous. The holographic colours are by far my favourite and they don’t chip or come off I can finally have my nails done longer than two days. I have ordered 3 times now and I cannot help myself I want More 🥰

So easy and quick

Absolutely love my sistaco nail system. Its so quick and easy to use. Little to no mess, no damage to my natural nails, inexpensive and no more wasting hours at the nail salon. Would definitely recommend the sistaco nail system to anyone who is time poor but still want to have beautiful nails. My nails feel so much stronger after application as well. Where has this system been all my life!!!! Thank you sistaco xxx

Wendy Stapley
I decided to give it a try.

So far I am loving the Sistaco mineral bond nail system. It's easy to use and the light makes it fast drying too. Lot's of beautiful colors to choose from.


Beautiful.. lasts for weeks with no touch ups required.

I am not talented....

I struggle giving myself a manicure, and it always shows! I have been going to nail salons off and on since the early 1980's. When I saw the results posted with Sistaco, I couldn't resist and bought a starter kit. I tried Latte on one hand and Marshmallow on the other to try the different finishes... both turned out relatively well (for my skill level) and I want MORE! Very happy with my purchase, the community, and my ability to change color at a whim!


I’m absolutely amazed by this I was really doubting it would be so quick to do and how it was going to come out
I’m in love with this system and have already ordered more colours
I done my nails today for the first time in pink shatter 💗

Looks good and it’s easy

I like the colors and it’s easy to do. I hated having to remove acrylic or dip nails. This is much better for my very thin nail beds. Ordered more colors this week! Thank you !

Really enjoys it!

I bought this for my wife. She really enjoys it. She thinks needs practice but is so far loving it, see photo for super first time application. I think it's an amazing idea for whoever, they get to apply there own nail product. The way they want. When they ask who does your nails, just say Sistaco!

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