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Perfect manicure in minutes

Sistaco empowers you to live and look your best with our innovative powdered nail kits. Our nail kits use fine powders and were designed for a quick and easy application in the comfort of your own home.

Designed and developed in Australia the unique, cruelty free formula removes the 9 harmful chemicals usually found in nail products. From our holographic to metallic and our new classic nail powder range we provide a nail powder to match your style with over 40 colours in our collection. 

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Step 1

Apply a layer of base coat and set with LED light. 

Step 2

Brush your favourite Sistaco nail powder onto your nails. 

Step 3

Apply a layer of top coat and set with LED light. 


Once your nails are all set enjoy your professional manicure for up to 2-3 weeks! 

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