Easter Nails

Speckled Egg Easter Nails

Looking for egg inspiration? 

Get your nails Easter ready with this quick and easy 'Speckled Egg' tutorial! All you need is your favourite Sistaco colours and some tools you can find in your pantry. How easy is that?

Embrace the Easter spirit by creating your own spotty nail art in 7 simple steps!

  1. Apply the base coat and set under the LED lamp.
  2. Apply a base colour to your nails.
  3. Mix the powder as your “Speckles” with the top coat.
  4. Using a toothpick, create the “Speckles”.
  5. Press them down lightly.
  6. Apply a top coat.
  7. Set under the LED lamp.

Eggs are so in style, aren't they? Try this simple yet amazing nail art for your next Easter holiday. You are going to love it!

Now that you’ve created your eggy nails, try the “Baby Chick” design, another Easter manicure staple.

Baby Chick Easter Nails

You’ll never run out of nail art ideas with Sistaco! The ‘baby chick’ nail art not only makes your nails ready for the Easter season, but will also liven up your nails.The bright colour will keep you staring at your nails, not to mention that it’s the cutest design ever!

The adorable baby-chick-hatching-from-the-egg look can be attained with these 9 easy steps: 

  1. Apply the base coat and set under the LED lamp.
  2. Apply Daffodil from base to tip.
  3. Apply the top coat. Set under the LED.
  4. Put the top coat to the mixing pots.
  5. Add your powders and mix with a toothpick!
  6. Create the 'eyes' using Black Pearl nail powder.
  7. Make the 'egg shells' using Satin.
  8. Draw the 'beak' using Burnt Orange.
  9. Set under the LED lamp.

The ‘speckled eggs’ and ‘baby chick’ nail arts will surely dominate the Easter season and you can count on Sistaco for picture-perfect manicures for all occasions.

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