Click to Choose Your 3 Colours

Tawny - Classic

Caramel - Classic

Latte - Holographic

Espresso - Classic

Coffee - Classic

Marshmallow - Classic

Peru - Holographic

Champagne - Classic

Gingerbread - Classic

Sepia - Classic

Mocha - Classic

Syrup - Metallic

Dusty Rose - Metallic

Ballerina - Classic

Rose Gold - Holographic

Ophelia - Classic

Blossom - Classic

Salmon - Classic

Blush - Metallic

Orchid - Classic

Pastel Pink - Classic

Marigold - Classic

Peony - Classic

Nude Pink - Classic

Hibiscus - Metallic

Pink Sherbet - Classic

Carnation - Classic

Pink Shatter - Holographic

Bubblegum - Classic

Taffy - Classic

Razzleberry - Classic

Lipstick - Classic

Lollipop - Classic

Mulberry - Classic

Watermelon - Classic

Strawberry - Classic

Cerise - Classic

Red - Metallic

Sangria - Classic

Ruby - Metallic

Wine - Classic

Cosmos - Classic

Ritz - Holographic

Bloom - Classic

Fall - Classic

Burnt Orange - Classic

Desert - Classic

Scarlet - Classic

Coral - Classic

Rust - Classic

Firefly - Classic

Peach - Classic

Bohemian - Classic

Daffodil - Classic

Gilded - Holographic

Gold - Classic

Bronze - Classic

Copper - Metallic

Flamingo - Holographic

Grape - Classic

Periwinkle - Metallic

Violet Sky - Holographic

Lilac - Classic

Fuchsia - Metallic

Mauve - Classic

Ultraviolet - Classic

Confetti - Metallic

Lavender - Classic

Amethyst - Classic

Boysenberry - Classic

Seafoam - Classic

Sage - Classic

Shamrock - Metallic

Forest Green - Classic

Emerald City - Holographic

Turquoise - Holographic

Sky - Classic

Aqua - Classic

Marina Mist - Classic

Iris - Classic

Oceania - Classic

Wisteria - Holographic

Ocean Rush - Holographic

Electric - Holographic

Tanzanite - Classic

Cobalt - Metallic

Teal - Metallic

Midnight - Classic

Navy - Classic

Sapphire -Metallic

Arctic - Metallic

Sterling - Holographic

Platinum - Holographic

Stone - Classic

Shadow - Classic

Obsidian - Classic

Raven - Metallic

Black Pearl - Classic

Creme - Classic

Satin - Classic

Pearl - Classic

Winter - Classic

Sand - Classic

Quartz - Classic

Ice White - Classic


Mix your own colours with the Powder Trio Pack! Apply your colours one at a time or if you're feeling adventurous, feel free to mix and customize your colour!
The Powder Trio Pack Includes: 
  • 3 x Nail Powders In The Colour Of Your Choice
  • 1 x FREE Dual Applicator


  • 4 payments of $15.25

  • Own it now, pay later

  • No interest, ever


OUR SYSTEM IS UNIQUE: The Sistaco Mineral Bond system is the only mineral based nail powder range offered that you simply brush on. With hundreds of colours available, this is not a dipping powder (which is made up of finely ground plastic particles) and you can mix your powders to make your own shades.

PROFESSIONAL FINISH: Get a professional look quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. You won’t believe how easy this is!

LONG-LASTING: Our system lasts up to 2 weeks and even if you damage, you can simply top up without removing completely. That’s the benefit of a mineral powder system.

MONEY SAVING: Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year and with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.

VEGAN: Our founders are Vegan, hence Sistaco does not advocate the use of any animal by-product in our formulations.





16 Free

24/7 Support


Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Meagan Briggs Briggs
Superb Product

These powders never cease to amaze me! The shine, sparkle, vibrancy that has turned my colorless world into a rainbow <3 And how easy it is to apply is next level! Never going back, Sistaco forever!

Trish Lambert
Love 💘

The greatest nail 💅product ever. I have had my nails 💅salon done for over 30 years and now I never have to again. I absolutely love Sistaco


Could not love these products more. So easy to use once you get the hang of it even my mum let's me do her nails now! My and my kids love doing out nails together. Such a great product and I get so many compliments

Easy to apply

I have tried two colours. Both were easy to apply but I still need some tips on removal.

Absolutely fabulous!

So quick and easy! Get top salon finish in your own home by yourself! I think the products can be expensive but you are buying quality! Ombre nails have never been so easy too, blending 2 colours together is easier than you think, easier than actual paint. You can also make your own colours by mixing what you have, I personally have made a couple of pretty colours recently. They different ranges are really good too for different looks. Metallic is my new favourite at the moment as the colours are deeper than the classics and the shine is insane. But the holographic ones are also really pretty! I highly recommend this product. Also, the customer service is also amazing. My lamp broke and they replaced it. They're all so lovely and they have lots of tips to enable you to apply the perfect application.

Lynda Black
Great product

Love the ease of application and the colours are amazing. Also taking off is easy and doesn't damage your nails. Also even delivery from Australia to UK is only 7 -10 days

Jo Townsend
The best system ever

Received many colours (think I may have an addiction!) unfortunately I’ve only got 10 nails on my hands. However, the colours are so amazing that you can wear multiple colours and they look great together. The application is so easy, even when you have classic, metallic and holographic colours. An all round excellent product.

Lesley Vella
Love it!!

I purchased a Deluxe Set at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2020 & having heaps of fun with the lovely colours. Midnight blue is a recent purchase & love it! I'm usually pink or red girl

So easy! Fantastic product

Wonderful colours that you can mix to make new ones or ombre. Or whatever you can imagine up! I am addicted and want all the colours. So easy to apply with no smell!!! And doesn't hurt my nails when removed.

Love Sistaco

I love Sistaco! My nails have grown SO much since using this mineral powder & my nails are so much stronger than what they used to be. The colours are great & I've had lots of compliments on them & how nice my nails look.

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